Two-Piece Implants

A conventional dental implant is usually known as a “Two Piece” implant which consists of the root component and the tooth component in separate bits. The root component ( implant ) is placed into the jaw bone and to it is connected the tooth component ( abutment ). The abutment is then prepared or customized to take the final crown. Conventional dental implants are the main type of implants and are an extremely effective long-term solution for missing teeth.

The procedure ;

In total 2 trips are needed over about 3 months. If sinus lift or artificial bone replacement is necessary the healing period is likely to be longer.

1st Trip

Visit 1 – Day 1: Еxtraction of teeth ( if necessary ) and placement of dental implants

Visit 2 – Day 4 : Control and placement of temporary prothesis or crowns if suitable for patient’s case

2nd Trip

Visit 1 – Day 1: Control, impression for crowns or prothesis

Visit 2 – Day 4 : Trial of prothesis

Visit 3 – Day 6/8 : Delivery and fixation of final prothesis or crowns

We treat our patients with Bego, Nobel Biocare and Straumann two pieces implants depending your case and your inquiry.

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