If the thought of seeing your dentist gives you chills, an anesthetic may be the solution. Sedation dentistry uses a combination of techniques, ranging from nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” to general anesthesia, to relax a patient during surgeries or otherwise uncomfortable appointments. For even the most severe dental phobias, there is no longer a reason to avoid the dentist.

These techniques can be used for any type of dental procedure depending on the needs of the patient but generally for implant and surgical procedures. Ultimately, your fears and phobias can be managed so that you can receive the dental care you require no matter where the treatment takes place.

Are You a Candidate for Sedation?

Your overall health, as well as physical and mental conditions you may be battling at the time, are important for sedation. Certain of these conditions may require clearance from a physician: cardiac disease, hypertension, diabetes and respiratory diseases should all be addressed prior to a given type of sedation. We take a thorough medical history and physical assessment before proceeding and may also ask you to receive medical clearance from your physician.

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