Metal Fused Ceramic Crowns


Metal ceramic crowns are a traditional type of crown often used in bridges plus crown and bridge cases. They are often fitted onto back teeth and are considered a strong, robust type of crown.

Another name for this is a ‘porcelain fused to metal’ crown. They consist of a metal interior or base which is fused to porcelain crowns. The metal interior can be produced from a range of metals, e.g. alloy and this is what gives this crown its strength.

They are cheaper than other types of crowns.


These are fitted in a two step process.

The first step involves a dental check up followed by the preparing of the tooth for the crown. Your tooth will be cleaned before reshaping it with a small drill so that it has a tapered appearance and is a good fit for the crown.

This reshaping also helps to remove the signs of damage, decay or staining. The aim is to ensure that your tooth is in a good condition and ready to receive the crown.

This is followed by an impression of your teeth which is then sent away to a our dental laboratory where it will be used in the fabrication of your metal crown. It will be ready in 3 days.

Once your crown is ready you will return for the fitting. It will inserted over your tooth before checking its appearance against a tooth colour chart. He or she will also check the position and fitting.

Once you are happy with the apperance and fitting it will then be fixed in place with dental cement.

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